Client Reviews

  • Tom.A


    " Following my first season playing University level Rugby, I was looking to improve my game in every way possible. Nutrition is a massive part of athletic performance and I knew that seeking out professional help would greatly benefit my off-season. I’m incredibly happy with my experience working with Ann and the results I have from the nutritional coaching. She provided a straight-forward and cooperative system that effectively managed my nutrition to ultimately achieve my off-season goals. Size/muscle mass is extremely important to reach the next level in Rugby, and I wouldn’t have been able to become the best athlete I could without her nutritional guidance.

    I would absolutely recommend this service to any athlete or active individual who wants to enhance their fitness. The nutritional insight that Ann provides is essential for any competitive athlete looking to perform at their best, and the results from our work together this summer have made a clear difference in my game while I’ve been at training camp. "

    Starting Measurements

    Body Fat %: 6.9%
    Lean Mass: 170.3lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 12.7lbs

    Current Measurements

    Body Fat %: 5.98%
    Lean Mass: 178.64lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 11.36lbs

  • Eric. G

    " I decided to try nutritional counselling as an addition to yoga and resistance training as a way to play a full-picture game. Results have been impressive and ongoing. I am particularly happy about 20% reduction in body fat to lean muscle ratio as this is directly related to good long-term health. Ann is deeply well-informed and takes a holistic approach to overall health and well being. Would recommend her in a heartbeat to friends and family. And, thanks to Ann, there are likely many more heartbeats to come! "

    Starting Measurements

    Body Fat %: 24.41%
    Lean Mass: 199.56lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 64.44lbs

    Current Measurements

    Body Fat %: 19.44%
    Lean Mass: 205.82lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 49.68lbs

  • Mark. M

    " Last year, I decided I wanted to make a serious effort at taking up golf and getting as good as possible, which included following a rather aggressive training program, both in the gym and on the golf course. It was suggested to me by one of my trainers, that I should consider nutrition as part of my strategy.

    Ann established my starting point and developed an approach which I could easily incorporate into my lifestyle. My results have been dramatic, not because of the weight loss (approximately 10lbs since our first consultation), but because of the huge improvement in my body composition, going from 20.5% body fat, to 12.5%, in only nine months. My energy levels have never been higher, and I know that my performance on the golf course has directly benefited from my improved nutrition.

    I’m extremely satisfied with my progress and the good habits I’ve developed from working with Ann, and would highly recommend her coaching to anyone who’s looking to improve their diet, health, or even just improve how they feel about their body. It’s the wisest investment I’ve made. "

    Starting Measurements

    Body Fat %: 20.20%
    Lean Mass: 150.43lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 38.07lbs

    Current Measurements

    Body Fat %: 12.41%
    Lean Mass: 158.96lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 22.54lbs

  • Su Ann. B

    " I have always known nutrition played an integral part in overall health and fitness. But it was always the first to be neglected. I thought that if I exercised hard enough, I could eat anything. After all, I wanted to have “balance”. Like many unsuspecting like-minded individuals, I succumbed to whatever “it” diet was touted to be promising at the time, but to no help or benefit to me long term.

    After the first few weeks working with Ann, I had a body composition check-in and I had already made some gains (or losses for this matter). That was fuel to propel me forward and to believe in the process. Knowledge is power. Having Ann by my side, coaching me through what proportions to eat and to fuel my body correctly has made all the difference in my efforts! Ann has a bright and upbeat personality with a little spice for added realism. She is down to earth and understands that life can throw curve balls at you, but she’s right there should you need her to get you through it.

    Starting Measurements

    Body Fat %: 28.67%
    Lean Mass: 94.51lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 37.99lbs

    Current Measurements

    Body Fat %: 19.71%
    Lean Mass: 101.16lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 24.84lbs

  • Mike. S

    " My interest in nutrition arose primarily from a desire of ageing well, and in concert with becoming more physically active, it made sense to examine my nutrition. Another reason is my interest in learning. Until I met Ann, I struggled to understand the difference between a protein and a carb and I had no idea the importance of the correct balance of lean versus fat body mass.

    I signed up for an initial consult and three month program with Ann earlier this year. It has been a tremendous three months of learning, progress and, dare I say, self-realization. I am continuing on for an additional three months.

    I am very pleased with my weight loss but particularly happy with my ability to change my eating habits and as Ann will tell you “it’s all about habits.”I have been truly thrilled to discover foods that I enjoy so much, that previous I would never have thought to consume. A very significant component to the success of Ann’s counsel and her program is that of accountability. Ann’s opens, honesty, understanding, encouragement and cast knowledge of nutrition is truly the driving force behind my success and desire and ability to maintain and strive for greater progress.

    I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ann. I believe there are great gains to be made by any person of any age who embarks upon Ann’s program. The positive impacts are, indeed physiologically evident, as are the enhanced personal and psychological gains. "

    Starting Measurements

    Body Fat %: 24.35%
    Lean Mass: 163.40lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 52.60lbs

    Current Measurements

    Body Fat %: 20.56%
    Lean Mass: 159.67lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 41.33lbs

  • Ashka. W

    " I was working with a personal trainer for a year and making steady progress towards achieving my fitness goals. However, I hit a plateau. That is when I reached out to certified performance nutrition coach, Ann Conrod. Ann partnered with me to define my goals, develop a plan to achieve them, check in regularly, and course-correct when required. With Ann’s help, I have drastically changed my approach to nutrition – while keeping things simple, and easy to maintain. As Ann is also a certified personal trainer, I have been able to seamlessly pair nutrition with exercise for rapid and sustainable results. I could not have done it without her! I wholeheartedly recommend Ann to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and caring nutrition coach to help achieve healthy and sustainable fitness goals! "

    Starting Measurements

    Body Fat %: 30.72%
    Lean Mass: 84.86lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 37.64lbs

    Current Measurements

    Body Fat %: 21.57%
    Lean Mass: 84.70lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 23.30lbs

  • Bonny. S

    " In triathlon there are actually 4 disciplines – swim, bike, run & NUTRITION. I knew I needed a coach that could not only get me in the best physical shape to compete in races but that could help me fuel myself properly both on and off the course. When I started working with Ann, I had no idea how big of an impact she would have on how I viewed nutrition. There is so much misinformation out there! Ann checks in with me every week and has structured my eating plan that is tailored to my busy lifestyle and training schedule. I have seen great results over the past year and feel like my life has improved dramatically. I see “weight” in a whole new way. I’m no longer scared of the scale and understand that it’s only half the equation. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer Ann to friends and family. Everyone deserves to feel this good. "

    Starting Measurements

    Body Fat %: 23.01%
    Lean Mass: 109.32lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 32.68lbs

    Current Measurements

    Body Fat %: 19.53%
    Lean Mass: 109.04lbs
    Body Fat Mass: 26.46lbs

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