Team Coaching

With certifications in sport and exercise nutrition, Fettle + Food coaches are well-equipped to support sport teams/groups in developing and managing specific nutrition guidelines to fuel maximum performance.  

Knowledge is everything when it comes to fueling your body to compete. Nutrition strategies for teams include: 

  • How and what to eat around game or practice times 
  • How to eat for multiple training, games or competitions in one day 
  • What balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates each athlete needs 
  • What nutrients become depleted in an athlete‚Äôs body  
  • How to stay hydrated 
  • Development of intra-workout or intra-competition nutrition strategies (i.e. electrolytes, water, carbohydrates) 

Team nutrition pricing is based on the number of athletes and needs of the team/group. Contact us for a meeting to determine what would work best. 

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