Nutritional Coaching

The energy balance equation is a lot more complex than how many calories we eat and how many calories we burn. Just saying “eat less and workout more” is an over simplification to how our bodies actually work. Let’s take a deeper dive.

First let’s look at the factors that influence calories coming in (what we consume) and calories out.

While tracking calories and macronutrients, it is important to be aware that calories in is an approximate (or estimate) because we don’t absorb all of the calories we eat, food preparation and cooking methods can affect the availability of calories and our individual gut bacteria can determine how many calories we absorb.

Many clients we work with are striving to lose weight and/or improve their body composition.

We do look at calorie intake, macro-nutrient balance and exercise as methods to assist in achieving client’s goals. But there is more to it.

Other methods we use include:

  • Stress-reducing techniques (meditation, breath work)
  • Cold and hot therapy
  • Sleep rituals to improve quality and hours slept
  • Increasing non-exercise activity (hikes, walks, more steps during the day)
  • Looking closer at micro-nutrient balance (nutrient density of foods as well as vitamin and mineral intake)

As a coach, working with clients who have different lifestyles and goals, discovering what will work for their individual energy balance is a huge part of getting results. If you’re curious to learn more about making your energy balance work for you, give us a call!



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