One of the biggest struggles we see clients facing is with meeting their weekly protein intake goals. Protein is hands down the most important macronutrient for the average person, and it only increases in importance for those with athletic performance or body composition goals. The reason being, it stimulates muscle protein synthesis; getting enough protein helps improve our recovery after our sessions, growing and preparing our muscles. If you are in a deficit or fat loss phase, ensure you have enough protein to retain that hard-earned muscle while dropping body fat!

Here are some tips to up your overall daily intake:

Meal prep, meal prep, meal prep. Preparing your meals in advance can look like cooking enough for an entire week, or it can just mean batch cooking different protein options for some variation throughout the week. For example, roasting a chicken and boiling some eggs to have on hand allows you to supplement the meals and snacks you make each day with these protein-rich additions.

Plan a menu for the week. Ann typically buys 2-3 protein options for the week, plus eggs. Some of her go-to’s are lean beef (sirloin steak and/or ground beef), chicken thighs or breasts, salmon patties, and shrimp.

Have high-protein snacks on hand for in-between meals if your schedule is busy. Things like Icelandic or Greek yogurt, sliced deli meat, beef/turkey jerky, and protein balls are great options to have available.

Increase your protein intake at each meal. It can be daunting to try and add 20-30g of protein to your day but it can be as simple as adding 1-2oz to your lunch and dinner.  

Protein supplements can help us achieve these goals but they are not necessary! With some prep and planning, you can reach your protein goals with real whole foods.

Unsure if you are hitting your protein goals and looking for help with your nutrition? Book a consultation to learn more about working with our team. 


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