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Micronutrient Concerns with Common Diets

There are many different ways of eating out there. From gluten vegan to paleo, many of us have tried several different ways of dieting for general health or losing weight. In this blog post, we are going to explore some of the common ways of eating and what micro-nutrients may be deficient in them.  Gluten-Free…

Struggl-ein with Protein?

One of the biggest struggles we see clients facing is with meeting their weekly protein intake goals. Protein is hands down the most important macronutrient for the average person, and it only increases in importance for those with athletic performance or body composition goals. The reason being, it stimulates muscle protein synthesis; getting enough protein…

Holiday Recipe Guide 2021

Only a few more sleeps until Christmas! If you still haven’t solidified your holiday dinner menu, check out some of the recipes that we’ve picked out below. We’ve chosen some creative options as well as a few healthier versions of traditional recipes! Appies Some tasty pre-dinner bites to hold the crowd over while dinner is cooking….

Making the Time for Nutrition

We all make the time for anything that is a priority in our life. Although for most of us, work takes up a large chunk of our waking hours, we still carve out time in the day to do the things that matter: exercise, seeing close friends, or shopping for example. A common challenge we…

Try for a Better Stir Fry

Soggy veggies, under (or somehow over)-cooked, under flavoured meat are the hallmarks of a poorly prepared stirfry. I saw a tweet recently that inspired me to write this blog post. It was something along the lines of, “Your twenties are for making some of the worst stirfry’s of your life.” As much as I agree…

Holistic Nutritionist

Zooming Through Zucchini

Holistic Nutritionist


Bringing Veggies into Breakfast

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Pack for an Adventure Snack!

The best part about longer days is that there is more time to get out there, enjoy the outdoors and be active! Hiking is not only great for building strength and cardiovascular endurance, it is also a great social activity and a good way to spend time with your friends. However, hiking can be very…


Mindful Eating

What is mindfulness? We know that the definition of “mindful” is to be aware of something. It could be towards others’ feelings, such as to be mindful not to offend or hurt someone. It could also refer to being mindful of your surroundings if you are in or entering a potentially dangerous situation such as…


Oh Me, Oh Mega

Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy and essential fats that we get through the foods we eat and sometimes through supplements as well. Many people who eat a North American diet do not get enough omega-3’s in their diet, so if you live in Canada like us, you may want to take notes! Sources of Omega-3’s…

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